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Governance and Global Affairs M.A. in Int.Affairs

Academic supervisor, Dr. Alexandra V. Khudaykulova

The two-year Master's Degree Program in International Affairs. M.A. program at MGIMO University is designed to provide both Russian and international students with necessary skills required for employment in international organizations. The curriculum best serves those students who are willing to become directly involved in politics, government or political organizations. Courses are designed to help graduates embrace their role as global citizens who are able and willing to be part of an international, multicultural environment.

The Governance and Global Affairs M.A. program may be especially useful for applicants interested in Russian domestic politics, state and legal systems, economics and international relations. At least some command of Russian is recommended but not required. Students from countries other than Russia will attend courses in the Russian language – 10 academic hours per week. The Program provides extensive teaching of doing business in Russia, various aspects of Russian political culture, key political processes and conflicts.

Academic supervisor of the program is Vice-Rector for Educational Program Development, PhD in Political Sciences, Dr. Alexandra V. Khudaykulova

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