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Yan Vaslavskiy: interview about new B.A. in Government and International Affairs program to German-based RBB Funkhaus Europa radio station

Yan Vaslavskiy, head of MGIMO-University School of Government and International Affairs, has given an interview to the Russian service of German RBB Funkhaus Europa radiostation. Russian service of RBB, which is popular among Russian-speaking Germans, showed interest in the upcoming launch of English-taught B.A. in Government and International Affairs program at MGIMO-University. In his interview, Yan Vaslavskiy pointed out that MGIMO is looking forward to welcoming German applicants for the first fully English-taught B.A. program in Russia, including those whose families earlier lived in Russia or other countries of former Soviet Union. Program graduates will be in serious employers’ demand both in Russia and in Germany, especially in the context of intensive trade, educational, and cultural connections existing between the two countries.

Audio record of the interview (in Russian) is available for downloading here. Below is the transcript of the interview in English:

- This year MGIMO-University is launching the first fully English-taught B.A. program in Russia, it is a B.A. in Government and International Affairs. Potential students who want to apply don’t have to know Russian since the University will provide a comprehensive course of Russian during all years of study. At the same time, if someone already speaks Russian fluently, we will propose an advanced course of English instead. All students will also study one of European languages, currently there’s a choice between French and Spanish, as second foreign language.

Germany has been Russia’s leading trade partner for quite a long time already, and this is not a secret for anyone. We guarantee that there will be a constant demand for the program alumni from Russian and German business. We will prepare people familiar with doing business in Russia, excellent negotiators and managers with strong economic and legal knowledge. They will be not only specialists in international affairs and brilliant managers but also very familiar with Russia, which, I think, is very good for the German business, government and NGOs. Currently there few such strong professionals and our alumni will fill this niche.

Professors and other specialists who will be teaching at this program are widely known in their spheres in Russia and abroad, they are Russian and foreign scholars and practitioners. We have invited people from business, ambassadors and experts to contribute to this program by giving lectures and master classes.

We offer our students an exciting life in the largest European city for four years. Moscow’s cultural and social life is very intensive, and our students will not be bored at the University or in Moscow as a whole. We are also planning short travel programs during breaks in studies to different Russian cities and towns, as well as other places of interest.

Among famous MGIMO alumni are Irina Bokova, head of UNESCO, and Ilham Aliev, President of Azerbaijan. Besides, there are many incumbent ministers, including Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Hundreds of ambassadors and other diplomats from different countries are also MGIMO alumni.

For more detail on the new MGIMO-University’s B.A. program in Government and International Affairs please visit the University website.

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