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Students Workshop on Russian-American Relations

The joint student seminar “Russian-American relations: current issues” took place in MGIMO on January, 17th. The seminar has become a finalizing part of the visit of the European Studies Program students from the Johns Hopkins University (Washington D.C.) to MGIMO. 

American guests met with their Russian colleagues from MGIMO – students of the Master’s Program on International Relations to discuss the most burning issues of Russia – U.S. bilateral relations. During the seminar two reports from the both sides have been presented, providing a wide range of issues for discussion and debate. 

Johns Hopkins students elaborated upon the problem of freedom of mass-media and prospects of economic growth in Russia in the context of the world economic instability. MGIMO participants shed the light on research of internal factors in Russia’s foreign policy and evolution of perceptions of American leadership in the modern world. The reports, made during the seminar, provoked lively interest of the audience and provided the ground for discussion. The presentations were followed by a variety of questions and alternative viewpoints. U.S. students have shown keen interest in Russia’s domestic policy issues, including the upcoming presidential elections in the country, while Russian side tried to grasp specifics of economic and political situation in the United States. 

The seminar was followed by an informal meeting where the seminar participants had an opportunity to share their views in a more easy-mannered way. 

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