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MGIMO University

International Perspective and Academic Excellence

MGIMO recruits professors of leading foreign universities to teach at its English-language B.A. programme

In 2013–2014 academic year MGIMO University continues to recruit representatives of the world’s leading educational centres. Editor of the highly ranked journal International Sociology, Associate Professor of the University of Sydney Christine Inglis arrived at MGIMO to teach «An Introduction to Contemporary Issues in Migration and Integration» course to the students of the English-language B.A. programme. Lectures and seminars are scheduled for April 16–23.

In the future the MGIMO School of Government and International Affairs will continue to invite professors from abroad to contribute to its English-language B.A. programme. Presence and participation of representatives of well-known foreign universities in the training process improves the quality of educational programmes. Besides, it adds to overall performance of the University in terms of internationalization, which, in its own turn, enhances competitiveness of MGIMO in the global and regional rankings.

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