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MGIMO-Georgetown Conference on US-Russia Relations

On April 15 a video conference was held between students of MGIMO and Georgetown International Club — IRC. This remarkable event organized by FWD (Future World Diplomats), was held as a part of NSC Science Week 2016, making its Grand Finale.

The topic discussed was «Contemporary US-Russia Relations». The conference began with a brief discussion of current political leadership in US and Russia. The various opinions were exchanged concerning the ongoing US election process and the role of political leadership in contemporary Russia.

The discussion quickly became heated when speakers from both sides started to talk about the conflicting areas of US-Russia relations. The crises in Syria and Ukraine were the main issues to which students focused at first. As for the Syrian crisis, the speakers from MGIMO presented their viewpoints, supporting the idea of organizing a free election in Syria, as the absence of political leadership will only worsen the current situation. They further suggested that the current Syrian president is quite popular among Syrians, while speakers from Georgetown University presented opposing views about this argument. Moreover, the speakers from both sides drew attention to the serious breach of human rights in Syria and agreed that it is necessary to find what can be done in practice in order to solve this crucial problem.

After intensive discussion on US-Russian conflicts in international affairs, students moved forward to the discussion of the spheres in which US and Russia are currently cooperating on and could possibly develop their collaboration in the future. The space cooperation was mentioned from the side of MGIMO and the scientific collaboration, and the cooperation on development of artificial intelligence was proposed from the speakers of Georgetown University. Two sides came to an agreement that these kinds of cooperation on areas that are of interest to not only US and Russia in particular, but of humanity as a whole will be of utmost importance in the development of the future US-Russia relations. The students also focused on the problem of Arctic cooperation, though they came to the conclusion that it is still highly debatable to reach an agreement in this sphere of interest.

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