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MGIMO-Cambridge Videoconference on International Terrorism
On November 12, a video conference was held between students of MGIMO and the student-run think-tank ‘Wilberforce Society’ of Cambridge University. The topic of the conference was “The Threat of ISIS – A Regional Analysis”.
The video conference started with a brief introduction by the Director of the School of Government and International Affairs, Yan Vaslavskiy. MGIMO students began the presentation of the topic by making short speeches: Olga Ershova (Faculty of International Economic Relations, year 4), Ward Salman (International Relations, year 3), Murad Aslanov (International Relations, year 4). They presented the threats posed by ISIS in Eurasia and the Russian policy on the matter. Cambridge students were more focused on the threat of ISIS in the Middle East and the UK´s policy toward international terrorism. Speakers from both sides discussed the ways in which international cooperation can be achieved and, particularly, how Russia and the UK could cooperate together in order to solve the problem of international terrorism and ease the situation in countries like Syria.
Following the presentations, the moderators and the audience had an opportunity to ask their questions to the presenters. A free-form discussion followed the Q&A session.
It was the first event organized by FWD (Future World Diplomats) – a truly international student organization founded by the students of MGIMO Bachelor program “Government and International Affairs”. The Club coordinates events on interesting and controversial contemporary topics, encouraging the facilitation of free and open-minded communication among future specialists in international relations. This unique event was held entirely in English.
The next FWD event will take place on November 17, at 16:30, in room 3159. MGIMO graduate, Romanian social activist and politician Adrian Pogacian will read a guest lecture on contemporary European foreign policy. Everyone’s invited!
Future World Diplomats
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