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Interview with Director of MIEP Valery Salygin

MGIMO University launches a new Master Degree Program with University of St. Andrews «Sustainable Development and Strategic Management in Energy». We have invited the Director of International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP MGIMO) Valery Salygin to answer some of our questions:

— When did you first start thinking of opening such new direction in education, and what made you do it?

The International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP) of MGIMO-University pays special attention to the development of joint educational programs implemented in cooperation with leading European universities. Vladimir Putin, Russian President-elect, noted in his recent article «Russia and Changing World» that «the current level of cooperation between Russia and the European Union does not meet global challenges… «, that «one should think of deeper cooperation in the energy sector — up to the creation of a European unified energy system». It is worth noting at this juncture that securing sustainable development and addressing the issue of sustainable development of energy resources are amongst the most important goals of international energy cooperation.

Taking into account the above objectives set forth by the country leadership, we are doing our best to train specialists for the energy dialogue to the highest international standards, to build upon good practices accumulated by the most reputable EU universities and to attract the most talented foreign professors and practitioner experts to our joint programs.

The high quality of British education is recognized across the World. This is what brought to life the idea of opening a new direction in master’s training programs specializing in sustainable development and strategic management in energy, and it was decided to launch a joint program in cooperation with one of the leading universities of Great Britain.



— Why was it St. Andrews? What is so special about this institution of higher learning?

This year, thanks to the direct involvement of our Rector, academician Anatoly v. Torkunov, MIEP held a series of negotiations and did all necessary preparatory work with a number of major British universities. A Double Degree Master Program Agreement was signed with University of St. Andrews this March. St. Andrews, one of the leading and oldest universities of Great Britain, has won the reputation of educational and research center of international level during the six centuries of its existence. Now it is ranked within the 5% of the World best universities.

Another reason why we are launching a joint Russian-British master’s program with the University of St. Andrews is that the above mentioned extremely topical issues of sustainable development occupy special place both in curricula as well as in research activities of St. Andrews. The University of St. Andrews is a recognized center of expertise in this area.

— What are peculiarities and advantages of the new Russian-British Program, what makes it differ from other Double Degree programs?

The fact that students concurrently acquire knowledge and competences in the area of sustainable development and in the area of strategic management in energy makes this Program unique. The Program offers unique specialty courses delivered by the leading experts from MGIMO and St. Andrews.




Upon graduation the students will be awarded two degrees in two different areas of education: Master of Sustainable Development from the University of St. Andrews and Master of Management from MGIMO-University.

The new Master’s Program has a special format and consists of two parts. The first academic year is devoted to sustainable development and is held at St. Andrews.

The second academic year is held at MIEP MGIMO and is a master’s program in «Management». It includes disciplines in strategic management in energy.

— Whom is the Program «Sustainable Development and Strategic Management in Energy» designed for and what kind of specialists you are planning to train?

The Program is aimed at the best undergraduate students from MGIMO-University and other leading universities of Russia, as well as at the most able and perspective students of St. Andrews.

Masters, who have successfully completed this Program, will have deep knowledge of sustainable development, competences in strategic management in the energy sector, an extremely good command of the English language, including professional terminology. The Program graduates will be ready for work in major energy projects, first of all in those implemented in cooperation with EU countries.

I strongly believe that joining forces with St. Andrews will give a new pulse to training specialists so badly needed today for addressing burning issues in sustainable development and international energy cooperation.



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