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Communication management from the INSEAD business school professor Nicolas Strange

The students of MGIMO International Master’s Programs got a unique opportunity to attend a four-day intensive course «Management Communication» delivered by Professor Nicolas Strange (March 12–15, 2013).

The course consisted of three main parts:

1. Business Writing: mainly focused on audience analysis, the logical pyramid structure supporting the «single thought» of business writing for reports and presentations and logical and stylistic differences between reports, presentations, handouts and introductions. New ideas include modernizing and simplifying presentation structures to imitate the best communicative and interactive features of internet web sites.

2. Management Graphics: concentrates on the contents of clear, powerful and honest quantitative graphics (rather than which button to push in Excel an PowerPoint). New ideas include a relatively objective measure of what constitutes an inherently weak chart and how to escape to a stronger chart form by changing the computational depth of the data.

3. Presentation Skills: practices delivering effective presentations to get action from business audiences. The approach distinguishes presentations in a very clear way and aims to produce presentation styles suited to the individual presenter’s character and experience. New ideas include exploiting the most modern presentation hard- and software (e.g. gyroscopic mice and wide-screen format) to increase interactivity and persuasive power.

Nicolas Strange, Executive in residence, INSEAD, and MGIMO Visiting Professor gives lectures for students in Moscow annually. His distinctive manner of lecturing is defined mainly by an interactive form of communication. During the course participants get largely involved in the business and case-studies what makes all the information practice-oriented.

Prof. Strange confessed that he had been impressed by the interest among the masters in the course, their analytical skills and fruitful discussion that followed lectures.

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