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BRICS Model Summit at MGIMO

On December the 14th MGIMO student club “Oeconomicus” initiated the business game on modeling of the Fourth BRICS Summit held in India this year. BRICS Model united students from the various departments of MGIMO. The event was supervised by distinguished MGIMO Professors Anna Viktorovna Makarenko, Associate Professor of Economics, and Evgeniy Mikhailovich Astakhov, Professor of Diplomacy.

BRICS Model Summit participants at MGIMO.

According to the game scenario the Fourth BRICS summit that was held in New Delhi has gathered delegations from 5 countries (Brazil, Russia, India, the Peoples Republic of China and the republic of South Africa), representatives of the international organizations (the WTO and IMF), international business and journalists. Each delegation was represented by the head of the state, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the head of economic department of the country, and national business representatives.


BRICS Model Summit section on cooperation in high technologies and culture

Initially, two main issues on the agenda were the need for BRICS institutionalization and the development of the participatory action plan for overcoming of the second wave of the financial crisis. Other topics included issues of visa regime, cooperation in high technologies and culture, financial support for the EU countries and the reform of the world currency system.

After warm welcoming from the prime minister of India of Mr. Singh (impersonated by Olga Kretsu, 1st year student of Economic department) heads of delegations have presented their official positions on the agenda. Then they went on to discuss the offers with the ministers of the countries-participants for detailed elaboration in a format of open dialogue.


As soon as all the official representatives exchanged their opinions word was given to the business elite. They highlighted the importance of the development of the international business, the necessity to strengthen the cooperation between the companies and diplomatic support of national businesses.

The coordinator of the module of economic diplomacy Roman Reinhardt (4th year, International Economy department) highlighted that the model BRICS is the final outcome of the semester work and economic module followed the last year tradition when students for the first time organized the event in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

Closing ceremony of the BRICS Model Summit.

Results of work and the creative approach of participants were highly appreciated by academic supervisors of the event. According to Prof. A. Makarenko, BRICS model became worthwhile final event of the MGIMO “Oeconomicus” club of the year.

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