International Programs
MGIMO University

Russian-Swiss Double Master’s Degree Program MGIMO – UNIVERSITY OF GENEVA, SWITZERLAND

Program Profile 

Academic supervisor, Dr. Alexandra V. Khudaykulova

Concept: 2-year Master’s Program

Degrees Awarded:

  • From MGIMO - Master of Arts in International Relations

  • From University of Geneva - International Organizations Master of Business Administration.

The Dual Master's Degree Programme MGIMO-University – University of Geneva was established in 2012.

The first year of the Programme takes place at MGIMO-University, where the students have to fulfil a tailor-made curriculum based on the international Master’s Programme “Governance and Global Affairs” taught entirely in English (see above). The second year is held at the University of Geneva on the basis of the “International Organizations Master of Business Administration” (10 months + 3 months internship).

At the end of the two-year period graduates are awarded two Master’s Degree Diplomas:

  • M.A. in International Affairs from MGIMO and
  • MBA from the University of Geneva.

Academic supervisor of the program is Vice-Rector for Educational Program Development, PhD in Political Sciences, Dr. Alexandra V. Khudaykulova


Academic supervisor, Dr. Alexandra V. Khudaykulova