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 «Sustainable Development and Strategic Management in Energy» Master’s Program (with the graduates majoring in Management) is run jointly with St Andrews University, one of the oldest and leading British universities that, during its six hundred year long history, has won the reputation of a world class educational and research center.

The Program provides a unique opportunity for five Russian and five British master students to become experts both in sustainable energy and strategic management in energy.  The graduates receive two diplomas and two master degrees:  St Andrews University diploma in sustainable development (Master of Arts in Sustainable Development) and MGIMO University diploma in management (Master of Arts in Management).

The new Master's Program has an original format, that includes two distinct year-long components: Sustainable Development and Strategic Management in Energy. The first academic year is devoted to sustainable development and is held at St. Andrews. The second academic year is held at MIEP MGIMO at the Master's program in Management, which includes disciplines in strategic management in energy

The Master’s Program can be joined by persons who have a BA degree or a specialist diploma, who are interested in getting fundamental education in the field of sustainable development and strategic management in energy, and who are inclined to research through independent analysis.

The term of the Program is two years.

The Program is taught in English.

During the first year the master students are trained at St Andrews University, Scotland, and during the second year – at MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia.

The students prepare two master’s theses in English. The first thesis on sustainable development shall be prepared after the first year of training at St Andrews University and the second thesis on strategic management - after the second year of training at MGIMO-University of the MFA of the Russian Federation.

Graduates of the program are in high demand from employers in business and industry particularly with major oil and gas international companies.

The fact that students concurrently acquire knowledge and competences in the area of sustainable development and strategic management in energy makes the Program unique. It offers specialty courses delivered by the leading experts from MGIMO and St. Andrews.

The program is designed to introduce students to the subject area of strategic energy management in the context of sustainable development of energy resources, the complexities that arise in seeking sustainable development in theory and practice, and how sustainable development may be pursued in managing the energy sector. The overall goal of the Program is to enable students to think strategically in managing businesses in the energy sector on the principals of sustainable development.