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Program Profile 

The Dual Master's Degree Program was designed to train experts in business environment in France, EU and Russia by providing joint study courses and one full semester in the country of the Partner Institutions.

 The Program aims:

  • to train global managers with specific knowledge of the Russian and French markets and cultures and
  • to develop a range of qualifications recognized by employees worldwide. Is geared to managers with international business profile and knowledge of foreign languages.

Graduates are capable to do business and fulfill managerial functions in companies engaged in international economic and business activities as well as conducting research in the field of international business and business administration. 

1st-2nd semesters - at MGIMO
3rd semester -at ICN Business School.
4th  semester – internship in France or Russia

In France students are also offered an opportunity to choose specialization path. The third and forth semesters are provided by MGIMO with a final (state) exam and theses defence. An internship is a part of the study program.. The project work is compulsory and is carried out during the 4th semester.  Tuition emphasizes in depth studies of the most sophisticated management techniques practiced by European companies and comprehensive analysis of international business environment. The program meets international standards in Management.

 Each country involved in the Program enrolls students according to an established quota.