International Programs
MGIMO University

International Financial Law | MGIMO - University of Reading, Great Britain

Program profile 


2-year Master’s Programme

  • 1 year — Master’s Programme «International Financial Law» offered by MGIMO-University
  • 2 year — the LLM «International Financial Regulation» offered by University of Reading

Degrees Awarded:

  • From MGIMO — Master of Jurisprudence in «International Financial Law»
  • From University of Reading — LLM «International Financial Regulation»

MGIMO and the University of Reading are very pleased to be able to offer a Double Master’s Programme in Financial Law. The Double Master’s Programme offers the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and understanding of issues in law across different countries and legal systems. You will study over 2 years, 1 year at MGIMO and 1 year at the University of Reading, and you can begin your studies at either institution.

At MGIMO you will follow the LLM International Financial Law Programme. At the University of Reading you will follow the LLM International Financial Regulation. The core modules for these programmes include Advanced Issues in International Commercial Law, International Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Legal Aspects of International Financial Regulation. Students will also be expected to complete a dissertation written on legal issues specific to their programme.

After 2 years, you will receive two Master’s degrees, one from each University. Students undertaking the Double Masters programme will also be eligible for fee reductions and will be considered for scholarships at the University of Reading.