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The Double Master Degree Program MGIMO-University – Sciences Po was established in 2005. It inherits experience and expertise from the first French-Russian master program in international relations founded back in 1994, when it was the first Master Program offered at MGIMO. The Double Master’s Degree Program inaugurates a new level of partnership between the two Universities and offers innovative approach to education in the international relations field.


The program is aimed at forming highly qualified personnel for the international arena. Graduates of the program are broad-minded and highly skilled professionals who are welcomed at transnational corporations, think-tanks, national administrations, leading universities, non-governmental organizations, consulting companies, international organizations, international commercial banks etc.

The first year of the program takes place at Sciences Po, Paris, where students join the School of International Affairs /PSIA/. The second year is held at MGIMO-University, Moscow where the students have to fulfill one of the tailor-made curriculum based on Master’s Programs «World Politics» or «International Energy».

With a pluridisciplinary approach featuring three languages (French, Russian and English), the Double Degree Master’s Program combines the subjects if international relations, history, political sciences, economy, finances as well as operational courses and disciplines of professional orientation.

An obligatory three-month internship provides students with an opportunity to become acquainted with future professional area and is an important part of the academic curriculum.


At the end of the two-year period graduates who successfully fulfill the program requirements are awarded two Master’s Degree Diplomas:

  • MGIMO-University Master Diploma
  • Sciences Po, Paris Master Diploma
  • a Joint Diploma Supplement with all courses and ECTS listed.


Holders of both “specialist” and “bachelor” degrees can apply to the program. Applicants are  required to show certificates of appropriate knowledge of English and Russian. At MGIMO, as classes are taught in Russian and English, all students must prove they have an excellent level in both languages.


Students are selected based on an analysis of student’s dossiers (a set of required documents submitted beforehand to the Review commission) presented in French and Russian (the list of documents for the dossier itself can be found on the program’s web-site alongside with other requirements). The maximum amount of accepted students is no more than 25 per year.

Online admissions open in October. Link to the admission system:

Application deadline for 2016 is March 25th.



The program requires a payment of 6910 euro per year in tuition fees. Transfer, accommodation, meals and other personal expenses are covered by the student. Russian students can apply for scholarships offered by the French government to cover tuition for the 1st year of studies at Science Po. Graduates of Russian regional universities can be awarded the MGIMO scholarship, covering tuition costs of the 2nd year of studies in Moscow.


Alumni of this programme, which began in 2005, are currently employed at BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, UNESCO, OSCE, Organisation for International Migration, European Commission, French and Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“I work at the OECD, in tight cooperation with Central Asian and South Caucasus countries. My background at Sciences Po and the MGIMO has played a crucial role in finding such an opportunity and fulfil my potential on a day-to-day basis.” – Gabriela Skulova (2007-2009)


Scientific Advisor of the Program at MGIMO: Prof. Evgeniya Obichkina, Ph.D.
Coordinator of the Program at MGIMO: Olga Kluchnikova
Double Master web-site:
Sciences-Po, Paris web-site:
Telephones in Moscow: +7(495)431-39-14