Program Profile

Global Trade and International Economic Organizations – International Economic Law and Policy

The two-year Master's Program between MGIMO and IELPO (University of Barcelona) gives a unique opportunity to graduate with two Master’s degrees: with a Master’s degree in International Economy and with a Master’s Degree in International Law. The Program is designed to prepare multi-profile professionals for successful careers in international organizations, public and private entities dealing with a wide range of international trade issues. Our graduates work in WTO, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Eurasian Economic Commission, various lawyer associations. 

The Program provides rigorous on-campus training. The main acquired skills include the capacity to perform a thorough analysis of various conditions of international trade operations and their legal environment, to prepare practical recommendations concerning investment opportunities, financial strategies and assets management, to provide legal support for international trade operations.

For MGIMO students the first year studies will be in International Economy («Global trade and international organizations» specialization) and will take place in MGIMO. The second year studies will be dedicated to International Law («International economic law and policy» specialization) and will take place in IELPO Faculty of the University of Barcelona.

Only 2 MGIMO students per year can be enrolled in the Program.


Dr. Irina PLATONOVA, MGIMO Academic Supervisor
Master’s Program students benefit from:

  • a unique opportunity to graduate with two Master’s Diploma: Master’s Diploma in Economy and Master’s Diploma in Law;
  • a diverse student and alumni network;
  • close working relationships between world-renowned faculties;
  • innovative curriculum;
  • an attention to career-building skills in all areas of various areas of international trade