“International Business in the Oil and Gas Sector” MGIMO - Nordland University, Norway Double Masters Degree Program in Management

In February 2004 the International Institute for Energy Policy and Diplomacy of MGIMO (U) MFA of Russia and the Graduate School of Business of the Nordland University, Norway, established the Russian-Norwegian Institute for Energy Co-operation and started joint development of curricula in the area of international business in the oil and gas sector.

The Norwegian Minister of Finance who attended the inauguration of the Institute emphasized that it was expedient and timely to start training Russian and Norwegian experts using joint programs. Russia and Norway are the major oil and gas exporters in Europe and rank among the top four hydrocarbon suppliers in the world. Both for Russia and Norway oil and gas are the driving force in their economic growth. Further development of oil and gas resources in the North is an important factor for both countries.

During a meeting in Moscow in May, 2005 Victor Khristenko, Russian Minister of Industry and Energy, and Thurild Widway, Norwegian Oil and Energy Minister, discussed the prospects for commercial development of hydrocarbons in the offshore areas of the Barents Sea and at the Shtokman field involving Norwegian companies, as well as joint activities in the European market. According to Mr. Khristenko, Norwegian experience and technologies in developing offshore resources create a potential for success in furthering bilateral relations. As world and European leaders in oil and gas exports, Russia and Norway have common interests in Europe.

During an official visit to Russia by Norwegian Prime Minister H.M. Bundevik in June, 2005 a Russian OAO “Gazprom” company and Norwegian companies “Statoil” and “Norsk Hydro” signed a Memorandum that provides for training experts, developing internship programs and exchange of experts. At a meeting at the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy on June 23, 2005, the Mayor of Stavanger and a member of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate confirmed their readiness to implement specific projects in the field of training specialists for international energy co-operation.


One of the specific projects initiated in September, 2005, was the Russian-Norwegian Master’s Degree Program specializing in “International Business in the Oil and Gas Sector”. The Program represents a real contribution to the energy dialog between Russia and Norway and is oriented primarily at joint training of specialists for the development, by Norwegian and Russian companies, of energy resources in the Barents Sea region that contains twenty-five per cent of the world hydrocarbon resources.

The Program provides unique education and in-depth knowledge in the following fields: energy resources development management; political, economic and other risks analysis in the course of implementing oil and gas projects; management of complicated industrial and financial mechanisms; international marketing; innovative management; corporate governance, competition and laws in the development of world markets.

The high level of the Program is based on merging the scientific and expertise potential of the leading education and science centers in Russia, Norway as well as in other European countries and in the USA. The International Institute for Energy Policy and Diplomacy under MGIMO (U) MFA of Russia possesses significant experience in the field of training world-level personnel for international energy co-operation, implementing major international oil and gas projects, development of energy diplomacy and geopolitics.

The Graduate School of Business of the University of Nordland, Norway, is a recognized center of oil and gas business education. Among its professors are Vice Presidents and leading experts from “Statoil”, the largest Norwegian company. The Program is delivered with the participation of prominent professors from the Columbia and Texas Universities (USA), French Petroleum Institute, Copenhagen Higher School of Business (Denmark), “Energy Delta” Institute (the Netherlands), managers and experts from major consulting companies, Norwegian Energy Ministry and Petroleum Directorate, etc. The curriculum provides a balanced combination of fundamental academic and efficient practical training.


The joint Russian-Norwegian Program meets the requirements of educational standards of both countries and of the Bologna System. The term of training is two years. During the fist and fourth semesters the undergraduates are trained at their national universities, the second semester is hosted by the Nordland University, Norway, and the third semester – by MIEP MGIMO.

Admission is carried out before the start of the academic year – in June.

Applicants have to pass successfully  two entry examinations: English language and a comprehensive examination if the field of “Management”.

Language of instruction is English.


Academic Advisor of the Program: Academician Nikolai P. Laverov, Head, Department of International Energy Issues, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, “Global Energy” international prize winner.

Program coordinator: Ivanova Lada.
Tel.: +7 (499)431-66-63

Russian Web-site: http://mgimo.ru/study/master/intbusoilgaz/

Norland university web-site http://www.nord.no/en