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“International Energy Economics and Business Administration” MGIMO - Leipzig University Double Masters Degree in Economics 

Masters’ program “International Energy Economics and Business Administration” was launched in 2007 by MGIMO jointly with Universität Leipzig in Germany.

The Russian-German masters’ program provides a unique opportunity to receive education that meets the highest international standards and to get two diplomas – from MGIMO and from one of the most prestigious European universities. The efficient tandem that includes one of the leading Russian universities and one of the oldest European universities – a recognized expert in the European education – provides the highest training level that is in full compliance with the Bologna system.

The training term under the program is two years. During the first semester the undergraduate students are trained at their universities, during the second semester both Russian and German undergraduates are trained at MIEP MGIMO, during the third semester – at Leipzig University and during the fourth semester the students write dissertations at their home universities.


The key courses of the Russian-German masters’ program are as follows: “Investment Operations by International Energy Companies”, “Legal Regulation in the Oil and Gas Sector”, “Economics in the Countries and Regions with Developed Energy Industry”, “Renewable Energy Sources”, “Environment Protection in the Oil and Gas Sector”, etc.

The above masters’ program allows training experts that right after graduation from the University can easily and efficiently integrate into the professional environment and adapt to the requirements of international energy market.

Language of instruction is English.


Entrance exams take place in the middle of June.


  • English language;
  • Complex examination in Economics.


Program coordinator: Ivanova Lada, MIEP MGIMO
Tel./fax: +7 (499)431-66-63

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Leipzig University web-site