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MGIMO - Freie Universität Berlin Double Masters Degree in International Relations 

The Joint Master’s Degree Program “World Politics” in the field of “International Relations” between MGIMO-University and Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), University. Humboldt (Berlin) and University of Potsdam was established in 2006 as part of a European cooperation project between higher education institutions.

The program is based on the Master’s Degree Program "International Relations" taught at the Freie Universität Berlin and Master’s Degree Program "World Politics" taught at MGIMO-University. Successful graduates receive two equal Master’s Diploma – from Freie Universität Berlin and MGIMO-University.


The aim of the PROGRAM is to enrich the already existing Master’s programs with integrated exchange components, a joint module, and other additional elements, so as to provide

  • students with profound knowledge of methods, theories, and empiricism to analyze International Relations from different perspectives and to provide tools, which enable them to conduct selective research,
  • an environment advancing international communication skills to students who are entering the increasingly complex sphere of World Politics,
  • students with excellent knowledge in three world languages (Russian, German, and English).


Requirements for admission to the Joint Russian-German Master’s Program "World Politics":

  • Bachelor's degree in the field of international relations or equivalent document certifying the completion of training in related field of study (history, political science, economics, sociology);
  • Confirmation of appropriate knowledge of English (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency or equivalent) and German (Deutsche Sprachprufung fur den Hochschulzugang or equivalent).
  • A special questionnaire in English;
  • A detailed motivational letter in English.


Admission is carried out before the start of the academic year (in August for students participating from MGIMO-University side).

Applicants have to pass successfully  two entry examination: German/Italian language (advanced level of knowledge is required) and a comprehensive examination if the field of “International Relations”.

Language of instruction - Russian and German/English.


The main areas of training in the Joint Russian-German Master's Program are the following: international organizations and institutions, international economic relations and globalization, comparative foreign policy and regional studies, transformation and integration processes, policy of peace and security.


The term of studies is two years. The first year both Russian and German participants spend in Berlin, and in the second year in Moscow. An integral part of the program is a written Master's Thesis under a joint supervision of a Russian and German Professors. While studying at host university students attend all offered classes in accordance with the academic curriculum jointly agreed by both sides. Each academic year a student shall earn no less than 60 ECTS with a total of 120 ECTS for the whole two-year program.

During the program, in Moscow and Berlin the participants have to:

  • take part in two joint seminars held alternately in Moscow and Berlin under the joitn supervision of Russian and German professors;
  • undergo intensive language training that precedes the training at a foreign university, as well as a special foreign language course during their studies at a foreign university;
  • consult with advisors from the Russian and the German side in the writing of the Master's thesis.


In addition, the master's program requires a two-month internship.



Coordinator of the Program at MGIMO: Artur Ermolaev
Double Master web-site:
FU Berlin web-site:
Telephones in Moscow: +7(499)431-39-14