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Dual Master Degree Programs 

MGIMO - Sciences Po, Paris Double Master's Degree in International Relations 

The Double Master Degree Program MGIMO-University – Sciences Po "World Politics" was established in 2005. The first year of the program takes place at Sciences Po, Paris, where students join the School of International Affairs /PSIA/ and their Master’s Program in Finance and Strategy. The second year is held at MGIMO-University, Moscow where the student have to fulfill a tailor-made curriculum based on the Master’s Programs «World Politics» and «International Affairs and Transnational business». Language of instruction - Russian and French/English.

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“Oil and Gas Sector Economics and International Energy Policy Issues” MGIMO - University of Bocconi, Milan Double Master's Degree in Economics 

Masters’ program “Oil and Gas Sector Economics and International Energy Policy Issues” was launched in 2007 by MGIMO jointly with an Italian university Univerità di Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. The program provides a unique opportunity for Russian and Italian undergraduate students to become experts in modeling and forecasting economic development in the energy sector branches. Successful graduates will be awarded a “Master of Economics in World Energy” degree from MGIMO (U) MFA RF and a “Master (Laurea Specialistica) of Economics and Sociology” degree from the Bocconi University with appropriate national diplomas. Language of instruction is English.

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MIEX International Executives, Master in International Management

The aim of the MIEX joint degree Master program is to train future international business leaders. The curriculum covers basic aspects of business administration, management at the international level, research and consultancy methodology matched with a set of truly hands-on experiences. The 1st year core teaching modules are held in France and in Italy, in the second year students are supposed to choose market area specialization in China, Mexico, Russia or Europe (Uppsala, Sweden) attending lectures at Partner Institutions for an entire term. The practical work activities of the program are expressly designed according 1st and 2nd Year teaching activities and include respectively a Field Work Research set up in Teams and an in-company Project Work on internationalization carried out on an individual basis. MIEX yields to the development of the participants' ability to be proactive regarding management decisions at an international level, and to carry out assigned practical projects with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility. Language of instruction is English.

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MGIMO - Free University of Berlin Double Master's Degree in International Relations

The Joint Master’s Degree Program “World Politics” in the field of “International Relations” between MGIMO-University and Free University Berlin (FUB), University. The program is based on the Master’s Degree Program "International Relations" taught at the Free University in Berlin and Master’s Degree Program "World Politics" taught at MGIMO-University. Successful graduates receive two equal Master’s Diploma – from Free University of Berlin and MGIMO-University. Language of instruction - Russian and German/English.

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“International Energy Economics and Business Administration” MGIMO - Universität Leipzig Double Master's Degree in Economics

Masters’ program “International Energy Economics and Business Administration” was launched in 2007 by MGIMO jointly with Universität Leipzig in Germany. The program provides a unique opportunity to receive education that meets the highest international standards and to get two diplomas – from MGIMO and from one of the most prestigious European universities. The training term under the program is two years. During the first semester the undergraduate students are trained at their universities, during the second semester both Russian and German undergraduates are trained at MIEP MGIMO, during the third semester – at Leipzig University and during the fourth semester the students write dissertations at their home universities. Language of instruction is English.

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MGIMO - ICN Business School (Nancy, France) Master in International Business

The program was designed to train experts in business environment in France, EU and Russia by providing joint study courses and one full semester in the country of the Partner Institutions. The program is 2 years full time study. French partner is represented by ICN Business School (Nancy, France). The curriculum of the program for Russian students includes the following courses: Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Managerial Accounting, Financial Aspects of International Trade, Information Technologies, International Finance, Private Law, European Law, Economy of France and of other EU members, Research Methodology, Foreign Language (French). Language of instruction is English.

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MGIMO - University of Florence Double Master’s Degree in International Relations

The Joint Master’s Program “World Politics” in the field of high professional education “International Relations” was established in September 2011 as important milestone in the long-standing cooperation between MGIMO-University and the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Florence. The first year both Russian and Italian participants study in Florence and the second year in Moscow. All successful graduates who complete both MGIMO-University and the University of Florence as well as joint academic requirements will be awarded with two Master's Degree diplomas. Language of instruction – Russian and Italian/English.

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“International Business in the Oil and Gas Sector” MGIMO - Nordland University, Norway Double Master's Degree Program in Management

The Program represents a real contribution to the energy dialog between Russia and Norway and is oriented primarily at joint training of specialists for the development, by Norwegian and Russian companies, of energy resources in the Barents Sea region that contains twenty-five per cent of the world hydrocarbon resources. The joint Russian-Norwegian Program meets the requirements of educational standards of both countries and of the Bologna System. The term of training is two years. During the fist and fourth semesters the undergraduates are trained at their national universities, the second semester is hosted by the Nordland University, Norway, and the third semester – by MIEP MGIMO. Language of instruction is English.

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MGIMO – Linnaeus University, Sweden Master of Art in Management, Master of Science in Business Administration

The Russian-Swedish Dual Master’s Degree program comes into force in September 2013, awarding students two Master Degrees within two years of study: Master of Art in Management, from MGIMO and Master of Science in Business Administration from Linnaeus University. The key goal of the program is to increase the number of qualified graduates in the area of Management and Business Administration. During the first year students study at Linnaeus University in Sweden, and during the second — at MGIMO in Moscow.

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