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“Oil and Gas Sector Economics and International Energy Policy Issues” MGIMO - University of Bocconi, Milan Double Masters Degree in Economics 

Masters’ program “Oil and Gas Sector Economics and International Energy Policy Issues” was launched in 2007 by MGIMO jointly with an Italian university Univerità di Commerciale Luigi Bocconi which is a recognized European leader in the field of economic and business education and which co-operates closely with major world energy companies.

The Russian-Italian master’s program “Oil and Gas Sector Economics and International Energy Policy Issues” provides a unique opportunity for Russian and Italian undergraduate students to become experts in modeling and forecasting economic development in the energy sector branches. Successful graduates will be awarded a “Master of Economics in World Energy” degree from MGIMO (U) MFA RF and a “Master (Laurea Specialistica) of Economics and Sociology” degree from the Bocconi University with appropriate national diplomas.

The masters’ program can be joined by persons holding BA or specialist degrees, interested in getting in-depth fundamental education in the subjects of economics, inclined for and capable of independent research and analytical work. The training term under the program is two years. During the first year the undergraduate students will be trained at the Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. The second year is at MIEP MGIMO in Moscow.


The key courses of the masters’ program are as follows: “Economics of European Integration”, “Statistics”, “Advanced Mathematics”, “Regulation of Financial Markets”, “Competitive Law”, “Market Analysis in Energy and Quantitative Methods”, “Energy Economics and World Energy Industry”, “Management in Energy Companies and Regulation of the Energy Sector“, “International Investment Projects”, etc.

Language of instruction is English.

The scientific director of the program is Academician Nodari A. Simonia, Professor, Department of International Issues in Energy, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Application Deadline:

April 1st 2016

The students shall be enrolled into the program after submitting their dossiers (sets of documents).


Academic Advisor: Professor Olga I. Degtyareva
Program coordinator: Ivanova Lada, MIEP MGIMO
Tel./fax: +7 (499)431-66-63

Russian Web-site:
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