Russian Language Courses


The ability to understand, communicate and study in Russian is an essential requirement for admission into MGIMO-University programs taught in Russian.

All students who wish to study at MGIMO in Russian are required to pass a language test or show proof of Russian language proficiency if it is not their first language.

See Language Proficiency Level Descriptions.

Fluency in Russian is imperative for every student eager to attend MGIMO B.A. and M.A. programs delivered in Russian. If a student is unable to meet the required level of Russian proficiency, he or she will not be able to immediately enroll into classes at MGIMO.

In this case we recommend that the student defers his/her application for a year and concentrate on Russian language proficiency. The Preparatory Department of MGIMO-University offers the Russian Language Preparation Programme. Students can apply for group or individual program.


MGIMO Russian Language professors have a vast experience of working with different audiences from international students to foreign diplomats. The Russian Language Department for international students offers Russian Language courses to full-time international students from any academic school with any level of language knowledge as well as various programs for other audiences with different levels of language skills:

  1. Course to improve your Russian (vocabulary and grammar).
  2. Russian for academic purposes (economics, law studies, diplomacy, political science, Russian history).
  3. Russian literature and culture.
  4. Theoretical course on comparative Russian grammar, systematic interpretation of grammar categories, introduction to systemology and systematic linguistics.

MGIMO also arranges various cultural events in order to familiarize students with Russian historic and cultural traditions (attending museums, art exhibitions, theaters, national parties, excursions).



The Russian Language Preparation Programme (full-time group training) 300 000 RUB per academic year. 

Please contact MGIMO International Office for further details:

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