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MGIMO Alumni Association

Over the years high quality education provided at MGIMO has become the brand of the University which allows our alumni pursue successful careers in business, civil service and corporate sector. Established in 1991 MGIMO Alumni Association (MAA) keeps close life-long ties with our graduates.

MAA as a unique organization which unites alumni on the basis of common interests and shared field of expertise. We use experience of world`s most prominent alumni clubs. Thus we generate new ideas, implement unique projects and ultimately preserve the distinguished MGIMO alumni brotherhood.

MAA is a rapidly growing organization uniting more than 5300 alumni of different generations. Civil servants and diplomats, politicians and public figures, businessmen and young specialists – ambitious and successful – they support our Alma Mater in its major endeavor.

Grateful alumni get actively involved in our activities and give back to the University by mentoring, philanthropy, volunteering or providing job opportunities to current students. With their support we further improve our services and keep on generating new programs and projects.

Our main activities

• MGIMO events, both public and corporate;

• Monitoring alumni careers;

• Alumni social networking (MGIMO-Club);

• Information support for alumni;

• Development of MGIMO Alumni Global Network;

• Graduate recruitment services;

• Fundraising for the University;

• Promoting MGIMO brand;

• Charity.

The fact that many Russian universities turn to MGIMO Alumni Association for experience is living proof to the high standards of our performance.

MGIMO Alumni Annual Fund

MGIMO Alumni Annual Fund was established in 2008 to develop MAA activities. This practice is wide-spread among leading Western universities.

The Fund is filled with annual membership fees and donations from graduates. Its resources are spent on a wide range of university projects and programs implemented by the MAA. Fees and donations are the contribution made by graduates of all generations and friends of the University.

The process of contribution has recently become easier than ever with the online payment system on our web-site We would be grateful for your help.

Career services

MAA Career Centre provides a wide range of career and recruitment opportunities. Its main goal is to help our students and graduates launch their careers in:

• Russian and international leading companies;

• National public/government bodies;

• International organizations;

• International research centers.

Career Centre holds up to 40 events annually including MGIMO Career days, professional master-classes, work-shops, case-studies, companies presentations, etc. Hundreds of our students and graduates were employed for internships and full-time jobs with the Career Centre support.

Visit our web-site


Address: Russia, 119454, Moscow, Prospekt Vernadskogo, 76, office 3170

Tel/fax: +7 (495) 434-93-84



MGIMO Alumni Global Network

Thousands of MGIMO alumni live and work all around the world. MGIMO Alumni Global Network unites our alumni and helps them to keep in touch with Alma Mater. We have 13 foreign branches:

MGIMO Alumni Association in Azerbaijan

Executive Secretary - Natig Aliyev

Tel.: +99-450-351-61-71

Mob.: 8-926-372-99-01


Azerbaijani club MGIMO

MGIMO Alumni Association in Armenia

Chairman of the Association - Vahan Egoyan

Tel.: +7985-970-55-44



The Armenian community of MGIMO

MGIMO Alumni Association in Bulgaria

President of the Association - Krasin Himirski

Tel.: 946-19-06

Fax: 943-36-21



Bulgarian fraternity MGIMO

MGIMO Alumni Association in the UK

President of the Association - Maria Babenko


e-mail: Maria.Babenko @

MGIMO Alumni Association in Germany

President of the Association - H.Knobbe

Head of Delegation in Moscow, R. Luxemburg Foundation

Wolfgang Grabowski

Tel.: 436-03-52, 436-02-52



Society of German students at MGIMO

MGIMO Alumni Association in Cambodia

President of the Association - Vann Phal

Tel.: (855) 23-725-441

Fax: (855) 23-215-541


MGIMO Alumni Association in China

Chairman of the Association - Jen Cho

Deputy Chairman - Wang Yuan

Tel.: +861-391-106-15-61



Chinese communities MGIMO

MGIMO Alumni Association in Mongolia

President - D.Od

Tel.: 976-88-116-183

Executive Director - B.Zorigt

Tel.: 976-99-116-770


Address: 17029, Mongolia, Ulan Bator, Genghis Khan, etc., 25, the hotel "Palace", number 209

Union of Mongolian students at MGIMO

MGIMO Alumni Association in Poland

President of the Association - Mirosław Woźniak

Tel.: 0-22-635-54-98

Fax: 0-22-635-00-60

Mob.: 0-501-719-007


Member of the Board - Christoph Kveschen

Tel.: (4822) 511-05-92

Fax: (4822) 511-08-90


Polish Club of MGIMO

MGIMO Alumni Association in North America

The founders of the Association - Dmitry Beskurnikov, Vladimir Kozin, Alex Manasuev

The Board of Directors of the Association - Marina Barannik, Andrei Quinn-Barabanov.


e-mail: @

MGIMO Alumni Association in Czech Republic and Slovakia (club "Prague")

Club President - Jiri Oprshal

Tel. / Fax: (420) 220-511-771

Mob.: (420) 602-171-618


Slovak Club of MGIMO

MGIMO Alumni Association in Switzerland

Chairman of the Board - Nazarkin Yuri K.

Executive Secretary - Godunov Dmitri V.

Tel.: +4122 917 5867 (a.i.)

+4176 571 5990 (a.i.)



Address: Avenue de la Paix 8-14, 1211 Geneve 10, Suisse

MGIMO Alumni Association in France

Head - Shchetinina Olga


Friends of France, MGIMO


Join us

All MGIMO alumni are welcome to become members of Alumni Association. How to join:

In office

1. Register on our web-site (

2. Call us +7 (495) 434-93-84 and order a pass into the University.

3. Come to the University (room 3170) with your passport at working hours (Monday to Friday, 10 am. to 18 pm.)

4. Fill in the registration form.

5. Pay entrance fee (2000 rubles; free for veterans and honored heroes of USSR/Russia) and receive a payment note.

6. With the payment note go to the security room and get your member-card.

Total time: 15-20 minutes


1. Register on our web-site (

2. Call us +7 (495) 434-93-84 and update your personal info.

3. Pay entrance fee via electronic payment system (2000 rubles; free for veterans and honored heroes of USSR/Russia).

4. Send copy of receipt, passport and your photo to

5. Come to the University and get your member-card or order delivery (250 rubles).

The MGIMO-card will be available the next day after application.

Annual membership fee – 1000 rubles