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MGIMO was the first university in Russia which organized a foundation meeting of its Endowment Fund in 2007. MGIMO Endowment Foundation was officially registered on 27 March 2007.

MGIMO Endowment Foundation was established in order to accumulate long-term capital and spend the investment income on the development of educational programs, financing of research, improvement of infrastructure, etc.

Anatoly Torkunov, MGIMO Rector, was elected Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Vladimir Potanin and Alisher Usmanov became members of the Board of Trustees.

The mechanism of the endowment foundation is as follows: donors provide funds for the development of the university and form the capital that is invested in bonds, shares, real estate, deposits, etc. This ensures that the capital is constantly growing. MGIMO development programs are financed by the investment income. As for the capital it remains intact.

MGIMO Endowment Foundation holds a leading position according to the size of its specific capital (918 mln. rubles ($30 mln.) as for January 2012) and sets standards of different directions of development: the only Russian Fund which established its own investment committee, regularly issuing “Endowment” magazine, accepting electronic payments through web-site.

In the period of 2009-2011 MGIMO Endowment Fund transferred to MGIMO University 138 mln. rubles ($4,6 mln.).

Five Reasons for Becoming a Donor

First reason

Patronage has been historically an honorable activity that deserved respect and has been quite common in Russia.

Second reason

Donating to the MGIMO Endowment Foundation guarantees that your money will be spent in a transparent way and only for the intended purpose.

Third reason

Donating to the MGIMO Endowment Foundation is your contribution to the future world leaders training (see the MGIMO Alumni for proof).

Fourth reason

MGIMO is in many ways an international university training highly qualified personnel to work in international market by providing for them not only knowledge but also an aspiration for permanent progress.

Fifth reason

Supporting MGIMO, is at the same time, contributing to the maintenance of distinctive Russian educational traditions, as MGIMO is deeply integrated into the international educational environment and it is developing the best educational traditions of a higher educational institution.


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