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Study in Russia at MGIMO University

The unique academic mission and strategic priorities

MGIMO is Russia’s most revered educational institution with a wide range of educational programs and specializations. Enjoying the excellent reputation and high positions in academic ratings the University has built up a wide net of international contacts. The development of bilateral and multilateral contacts continues to be a key priority of the MGIMO strategy today.


International Competitiveness

MGIMO University community is truly international. Students from 57 countries around the world command an ever increasing part of MGIMO full-time under- and postgraduates each year.

What makes our university distinctive at postgraduate level is:

  • full-time 2 year Master’s programs in English in various fields,
  • wide range of Dual Master’s Degree programs with outstanding educational and research centers all over Europe, providing graduates with 2 diplomas, from MGIMO and a partner university,
  • international character with a high share of foreign graduates,
  • outstanding researchers and practically oriented approach to academic process.


MGIMO International and Dual Degree Programs

International Programs (taught entirely in English):